This is me now....

Monday, April 21, 2008

It's not going so well right now.

I can't stop eating.

I don't have the ganas to excersize. I'm just hitting a wall right now. I'm getting lazy about everthing. I still make some fairly smart choices when It comes to some of the foods I eat but I'm also just being lazy and negligent about stuff right now.

Overall I've still lost weight and I'm still going to the gym at least 3 times a week for the most part. I'm mean I'm slacking off but in no way I'm I nearly as bad as I had been in the past. I'm slipin a little but I'm pretty sure I can make a decent recovery and get back on track.

I switched gyms from 24 Hour Fitness to In Step. It's such a huge difference. The staff at 24 Hour are great really friendly folk don't get me wrong. But the facility itself is what's lacking. In Step is all newer equipent staff is great, I love their lounge area and the Juice bar is pretty fly also. Only thing In Step has done to piss me off since joining was let their steamroom be broken for something like 7 weeks. I was hella pissed about this and even sent an Email to Corperate about it. I got a generic response back and it eventually got fixed but I still say they took way to long to get it fixed so there I just vented about it for little I guess I'm better now.

Maybe one thing that also did me well in this time I have been slacking off a little bit is the fact that I gave up red meat for lent. This pretty much meant no hamburgers, steaks, hot dogs stuff like that. I made a small exception to the rule and let myself have Spam a couple of times cuz technicaly I don't think it could be classified as meat so Spam was safe. I ate a lot of chicken during this time and did Sushi at least once a week, couple of veggie pizza's here and there and a lot of Turkey Sandwich got me through this span of just over 40 days.

I'm still not eating a lot of red meat but I do have some now maybe something like once a week. Okay so there's a real quick update on this whole diet thing. I'm sliped a little but I think I can get right back up. JR

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yeah, I know it's been awhile.

But everything is going well trust me. I'm sure that everyone thought 'oh he stopped Blogging about his diet, he must've failed again'. But I haven't it's still going good I'm still going strong I'm more determined than ever before about losing weight now more than ever cause I'm actually seeing the results.

I just really stopped Blogging about it because it seemed like I was just saying the same things over and over and over again. The Blog just seemed too repetitious for me. Nothing has changed in my routine. What's the routine you ask?

No more Mexican Food! no more Tortillas! No more Re fried Beans. Trust me if you ever wanted to quit Re fried Beans cold turkey all you have to do is watch my mom whip up a batch of them. When you see how much lard she puts into them you have to think to yourself damn where is all that lard going? Yep straight to your ass and thighs.

I stop and look at myself in the mirror all the time and I just can't believe how far I've come. I'm so stoked about the progress I've made and the lessons I've learned. What's the lesson I've learned well there's a lot of them but I think this is the most important one. Stop lying to yourself, figure out what it really that is causing you to be overweight.

I think one of the man reasons why I've had so much success this time around is I've identified and admitted to myself that in the past I ate so much because I was medicating myself...numbing myself with food. I was not tackling the other problems in my life by dealing with them. I dealt with them by eating. My life was out of control!

So in the past whenever I tried to lose weight I would go to the gym and try to lift weights work up a sweat try to lose weight.

Meanwhile I was still struggling with all my other life problems and when I wanted to get away from those problems I would medicate/sedate myself with food. I would drown my sorrows about love, drugs, and alcohol with FOOD! I was never fat because I didn't exercise I was fat because I had all these other issues in my life and food was how I dealt with them.

So I've finally reached a point in my life where I'm over the drugs, I'm over the alcohol I'm over being the self destructive person I thought I was destined to be. Now I can focus on the weight lose. Did all that make sense? Yeah I still party and have a good time....but I'm in control of it.

So my advise to anyone who is trying to lose weight is: First figure out why is it that your fat?

I ran this theory of mine past a friend of mine who has also had recent success with weight lose and she agreed with me. She too would eat to medicate herself. We replaced love, wealth, and happiness with cheeseburgers, Tortillas and Re fried Beans.

So first figure out why you eat so much. Are you using food to hide another problem you have? If so, then going to the gym is not going to help you just yet. First take on your real problems. Get your life in order....take control. Get some counseling talk to a friend go to Barnes and Noble and do some research. Once you've got your real problems straightened out then everything else will start to fall into place and you will find the happiness and joy you thought food would give you by living healthy and getting back into shape....word!

I'm JR I'm out.....peace ese'

Sunday, May 27, 2007

This is just a test post. I'mtrying to teach an old dog new tricks.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I just tried to convince myself that the cottage cheese I was eating was really Ben N Jerry's Ice Cream. My brain was skeptical but my body believed it. I've been trying to listen to my body more so than my mind lately and it's been working for me.

My brain thinks, while my body feels. My brain thinks I'm tired, my body knows when I'm tired. My brain thinks I'm hungry my body knows when I'm hungry. I'm learning more to use food as fuel. How to keep myself refreshed and energized through out the day. I've begun to hate the lethargic like feeling you get after a huge meal. I don't like it when I've eaten too.

I think about every meal I have before i actually eat. I think about what I'm going to be doing after this? Am I going to be active or am I just going to go sit my ass down. If I know I'm just gonna go sit down then I don't let myself eat a lot cause then that food is just going to sit there. If I know I'll be at the gym in 2 hours I'll allow myself to eat a little more. But not too much cause nothing sucks more than feeling weighed down at the gym when your in the water.

Speaking of water. I wish I was drinking more water. Sometimes I think about it at the beginning of the day and on a good day I know I can easily drink close to a gallon of water in a day.

See all of this stuff goes through my mind now whenever I think about eating, it's a good thing though. I've never been this successful for so long on a diet before. I think that just may have been what the problem was in the past. I always thought about it as a diet.

In the past I would always tell myself 'okay dude your going on a diet'. And it would be something just temporary. This time I told myself 'dude you need to change the way your livin....or your gonna die'.

No more tortillas, no more 7-11 Chilli Dogs, no more AM/PM Hamburgers, no more Cheeto's with extra cheese from the Nachos. All that stuff kinda grosses me out now because I hate the way my body feels after I eat greasy foods now. It's all about chicken and fish now. Right now I'm actually eating a chicken salad with no salad dressing. My mind doesn't really believe its good. But my body knows it's gonna feel great at the gym in a coupla hours when I go for 50 today!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You can't beat yourself up!!

I just had a piece of Kahlua Cream Pie from Marie Calenders. Yes their pies are on sale for 5.99!!. I went down there the other night and bought 3 of them. The other two were mainly for the Familia (help keep them fat!), I have been all over that Kahlua and Cream probably until I finish it later this week. Bad huh? Well fuck it! I can't beat myself up about it.

What I can do is make sure I do go to the gym today (I'm going in about an hour or so) I need to make sure I eat a sensible breakfast (which I did) and make sure I don't eat anything, anything, else tonight, and I'll end up doing okay for the day. Not exactly the greatest day, but I did make progress today as far as I can see. I feel great, I enjoyes the pie but I'm paying for it all day.

I'm just trying to always look at things in a positive matter and if it's already messed up not dwell on how its messed up just do something to fix it, whatever just keeping moving forward, positive.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Yeah, this is a picure of me and my two newest most favorite toys in the whole world!

First of all I went and got myself a water-proof case for my IPod. It was damn expensive but so far it's been worth every penny.

Swimming is pretty damn boring back and forth back and forth over and over. It was becoming a struggle to motivate myself to swim the laps especially all 20. I must admit there were a couple of days I know I cheated myself a lap or two or three. I was getting bored, some days I was just going through the motions not even really swimming hard or getting tired I was just there. Well music has changed all of this. Now I get to rock out the whole time I'm in the water. Been listening to the Killers a lot I love This River Runs Wild off of Sam's Town'....because that bitch keeps trying to make him prey...'

The second thing I bought, actually U2 Chick bought it for me. A snorkle, I guess that's what It's called, I'm really not sure? A tube and mask which allows me to breath underwater. I love it because the water proof headphones actually sound best underwater!! I'm in heaven lately at the gym. I just put my head down and rock out!! The Stokes, the Killers, She Wants Revenge, mandotory U2 and Bruce. There is so little resistance now when I swim since I can keep my head down now. I'm not a personal trainer so I don't know how to explain what's going on, but I do know for sure the gym just got a lot funner. It's sooooo much easier to find my Rythm. My arms just roll, and I feel my body bouncing from side to side I feel like I'm Lance riding up the 21 switchbacks of L'Alpe Duez, but I have 21 laps to swim and not 21 turns to take.

So the gym is great. I've gone all month except for a week or so I missed at the begining of the month when I caught the Flu or something. The workouts are going great and I'm feeling a little extra pep in my step. I'll blog more about it later, gotta go get ready for the gym.

Monday, January 22, 2007

What's today...January 22nd? I'm pretty sure I've gone to the gym 14 times this year. Today was my 3rd day in a row after missing 4 days in a row. My excuse for missing 4 days in a row was because I was putting in a 60 hour plus week at work. All in my mind though. I was just being lazy, I could have gone if I really wanted too but I had already convinced my mind and body I needed a rest.

What got me to go back to the gym on that 5th day? I wanted to experience something brand new at the gym. The hang-over workout!!

I went to see The Filthies and the In Denials on Friday Night (the 4th day of not working out). I got wasted and to the best of my abilities I danced, moved, grooved my ass off!!

When I first started going to see the local heroes rock the mic I used to normally just sit in the back or down front somewhere. I would stand for one or two songs while trying to get a decent pic, then my tired ass would have to sit down again because I would start to tire out. Dude, it used to bum me the f--- out!!

But yeah, it's getting better now though and Friday Night was an all out celebration for me, The Filthies, The In Denials and all the other happy drunks in the crowd that night. We danced..and drank and drank and danced and some of us drank a lot more then others, then passed out and woke up on their best friends couch with a pretty good hang over all sore and s--- from dancin the night before.

After breakfast we decided we better get back to reality and head to the gym. "Dude this is gonna be the first time I've gone to the gym with a hanger" I told U2 Chick. "Maybe we should take it easy" she warned me.

Ah man the hot water in the Jacuzzi hit the spot that day. U2 Chick and I sat for a few minutes it was heaven. "Okay, ready to start sweatin those beers out?" U2 chick asked me. We made our way to the steam room poured some water into the thingy then came the heat and the humidity and the sweat. We sat, and sweat and stunk up the place of Newcastle, Corona, Jagger Bombs and sweat. I could smell the beer I could taste the beer as the sweat ran down my checks. I smiled...grinned thinking about how much fun I had the night before.

So yeah, it's going pretty good folks, keep reading, keep supporting me, keep praying for me. I need all the help I can get I still have a long road ahead of me. Thank, JR Peace Ese'

ps...I had one of those protein burgers from In and Out after the gym tonight. It was pretty damn good. In case your wondering what it is. It's a regular hamburger made with no bread. They wrap it in lettuce, good stuff. Bye!!